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Configuring DNS Reverse Lookup on Windows Server 2019 Dec 01, 2019 How to Use Nslookup - Beginners Guide May 12, 2019 Reverse NS Lookup - All Domains Pointed to a Name Server Name Server Monitor; Monitor the daily activity of any name server and receive notification of all new and/or deleted domains. Hosting History; View historical IP addresses, name servers, and registrars for any given domain name. Reverse IP Lookup; Find all the domains hosted on a given IP … Know server name from IP address - Stack Overflow - Reverse IP Lookup - DomainTools

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nslookup: What is & what does nslookup do [+examples] - IONOS nslookup is a simple but very practical command-line tool, which is principally used to find the IP address that corresponds to a host, or the domain name that corresponds to an IP address (a process called “Reverse DNS Lookup”). nslookup allows itself to be used in the command-line of the operating system in question; Windows users start the service via the command prompt, and Unix users dnsdb website server domain name hosting ip address lookup > ip and domain name lookup. iP or domain name lookup. iP; Subdomain; Whois; Cached Hostname to IP - Best Online Tool | Code Beautify Hostname to IP lets you get the IP address and hostname Reverse Lookup (PTR Record) online. Enter URL then get the results.