Dec 26, 2018 · If you want to delete all the searches and website visits history from your iPhone, the following steps show you how to do that. Step 1: On the Settings panel of the Google app, tap History, and

Jul 05, 2020 How to Easily Delete Google Search History on iPhone Clear Google Browsing History on iPhone. 3. Erase Google Search History from Safari iPhone. 4. Permanently Delete Google Search History on iPhone. 1. Delete Google Searches in Activity on iPhone. To delete Google search history, you need to erase your activity saved in "My Activity". You can do it either on the Gmail app or the online official Delete Search History in iOS S… - Apple Community Dec 19, 2017 How Do I Delete Excess Google Search Entries On My iPhone With Google Chrome being the most commonly used browser on the iPhone, we have focused on how to clear your history on the Google Chrome browser. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to view and delete all your unwanted history on any Apple mobile device.

How to delete your search history and prior destinations

How to Delete the Google History on an iPhone | Techwalla The Google search engine is featured on the iPhone both via Safari and through its Google Mobile app. Its revolutionary search features are available in mobile form for users who need to access these functions on the go. Like the original Google home page, users can clear their search history on their iPhone for privacy issues.

How to Delete Browsing History in Chrome on an iPhone

Nov 01, 2017 How to delete your Google location history on iPhone and Mar 26, 2018 How to Delete Your Google Search History (Desktop, Android Jul 05, 2020