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Spokeo.com | PrivacyDuck Mar 26, 2017 Acxiom Opt Out Form Your choice to opt out with Acxiom will only impact marketers using our marketing data products. Therefore, we suggest you also consider opting-out directly from any company that sends you unwanted solicitations or use the Data & Marketing Association's consumer choice services at www.dmachoice.org, which applies to all DMA member companies.

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With Spokeo.com, it's a good idea to opt-out of the listing. And short of visiting every site that lists personal information and opting out -- or a federal law -- most privacy experts say to Opt-out of Spokeo.com | Your Digital Rights

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Opt Out - PrivacyDuck | Privacy Advocates Prior to opting out of WhitePages.com, run a precursory search to see what information is held about you. It often includes your full name, age, date of birth, address, and a satellite map of your property. Spokeo Shows Your Home with Only a Name? | Sileo.com Jan 13, 2011 USPhoneBook - Opt Out