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The LastPass version available in Mac's App Store is a "Legacy Version" of the LastPass Safari extension, and won't allow you to add LastPass to the Safari toolbar. Emma Witman/Business Insider Download LastPass for Applications 4.36.1 LastPass for Applications is a desktop utility that brings to the desktop the functionality of LastPass, the well-known password manager. It gives you the possibility to organize the account LastPass | UPenn ISC Apr 29, 2019

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Jan 25, 2020

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Jun 22, 2020 LastPass Password Manager – Get this Extension for Jul 02, 2020 LastPass | Crunchbase Designed by web enthusiasts and skilled application developers, LastPass was created to make the online experience easier and safer for everyone. The lead software developers spend most of their waking hours on the web and bring more than thirty years of combine development, network security and user interface experience to LastPass. Severe vulnerabilities uncovered in popular password